PC Desk/Case Mod (2012)

Update (7/30/2012) 

My desk was featured on various (large) websites, thanks everyone for coming here and viewing my work – means a great deal 🙂

(Front page Reddit!)http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/xhb7z/here_is_my_gaming_rig_a_custom_watercooled_pc/



Here is my completed PC Desk/case mod project The work log can be seen below.

Here are the specs and parts for this computer:

  • Asus Gene  IV Motherboard
  • i5-2500k Processor
  • Radeon HD 7950 Graphics card with Water Cooling block (EK)
  • 3x Dell UltraSharp (U2312HM) Monitors (in Eyefinity setup) with a modded ergotnomic mount.
  • 3x Gelid UV Reactive Green fans
  • XSPC Raystorm CPU waterblock
  • XSPC RX360 Radiator
  • PrimoFlex UV Green tubinh
  • Swiftech pump
The stock temperatures of the final case are ~31 C (ambient temperature is ~26 C). The case features 3 exhaust fans, and 2 intakes fans (top and side). The PC runs relatively quiet (all fans are running at low speed).

Pictures (give it a min to load):

The Inspiration

I have always been fascinated by desk/PC case mods such as this one. I really wanted to make my own mod like this, so I finally decided to attempt it on May 2012. I didn’t really want to buy a new desk (using the Z-Line Belaire Glass Desk), or go out to a metal working shop to get pieces made, so I decided to play with MDF wood to build a frame of the case. To get an idea of how the case works, this is how the original desk looked like:

Here are some of my initial sketches/measurements for the case (the measurements were actually done after I knew where all the parts were going):

The Worklog

The monitor and the mount

The first thing I went ahead and ordered were 3xDell monitors for an eyefinity setup. I also purchased this mount with them. The BIGGEST problem was that the base of the 3 monitors was MASSIVE, bigger than I expected. So what I did was create my own, smaller mount with plywood, and then painted it black. I figured that if the base could not handle the weight of the monitors, I would secure it to the wall (with those fence clamps).

Prepping the desk, finding where everything goes

The next step was to find out how exactly I wanted everything to fit inside this area. I figured a microATX would suffice for the dimensions, but I had to jet out the case about 2 inches from the back to allow me to have a completely flat, and square front side (giving me enough room for keyboard/mouse).

I got alot of help from Motopsychojdn over at TomsHardware (if your reading this bud, thanks so much!) on the initial design and how we could manage good airflow inside a wooden case.

Time to make.

With everything mapped out, I was ready to start building. I went to homedepot to grab most of my supplies, and cut the wood myself via jigsaw.

Everything from here on out was, measure, cut, measure and so forth…a picture is worth a thousand words 🙂

That’s it, hope you guys enjoyed viewing my project 🙂